Integrity of the Hive

Integrity of the hive

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He’s a great guy and good goalie. It’s nice to have another European there, although he is Swedish.
Tuukka Rask talking about his new backup, Niklas Svedberg (x)

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I can’t take so much trips with the boys anymore. But it has gotten to more fun direction. Nice to wake up in the morning when she is laughing right next to me.
Tuukka Rask about being a dad x (via finland-is-funland)

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I miss Boston Bruins hockey


I miss

  • The goal horn
  • The goal song
  • "woo!"
  • Zdeno Chara’s “I just scored!!” face
  • Patrice Bergeron having the most face off wins
  • Marchand getting a shorty
  • Marchand pissing people off
  • Krejci’s passes!!
  • Lucic being protective
  • Seidenberg’s accent <3
  • RENE!
  • Jack’s muffin allusions
  • "Save by Rask!"
  • Johnny rockets
  • Krug scoring in over time
  • Daniel Paille getting a break away
  • The faces Claude makes on the bench
  • Carl playing like Carl
  • and most importantly,